I will be occasionally posting blog articles, not only about my research.

Trip to Taiwan - 23/1/2018

In September 2017 there was a major hardware security conference in Taipei, Taiwan (CHES 2017). I spent there one week with my research group and also with my girlfriend, and along with attending the talks, we travelled around the area.

Because of the conference, majority of our stay was in Taipei, so we did numeroud sightseeings in and around the city. We planned the trip in a way that on free days we could go to natural parks located nearby. We started with Maokong, a tea growing area in the surrounding mountains, accessible by a cable car. There is a small village nearby the terminal station, ...

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Traveling to Shandong, China - 26/7/2017

In June, I had a chance to visit the home province of my girlfriend - Shandong. I spent a week there, while visiting two cities - Ningjin, a small town in the rural area, and Jinan, the capital.

In Ningjin, I have attended a family reunion - my girlfiend's grandfather celebrated his 80s birthday and in China, they take these matters seriously. The whole family from all over Shandong got together to celebrate this anniversary over two days of feasts. The first day, there was a dinner party at a restaurant specializing in dishes made out of donkey meat. I had never eaten this meat before, however, ...

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Trip to Yosemite - 24/5/2017

After attending CT-RSA 2017 conference in San Francisco, we have planned a trip to Yosemite National Park, which is roughly half day drive from SF. Since it was February, the weather was still relatively cold, therefore we had to get some winter clothes first. The forecast was not promising anything positive - out of 4 days, we should expect 3 days of rain.

Our accommodation was located in Yosemite West, about 40 minutes drive South from Yosemite Village, which is the starting point for most of the hikes in the area. We rented out a studio with fully equipped kitchen which turned out to be the ...

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Getting a CISSP - 24/3/2017

I decided to take a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) exam. After doing some research on the most valuable security certifications, there were three options: CRISC and CISM from ISACA, and CISSP from (ISC)2. CRISC is all about IT risk management and requires 3 years of practice in this area. CISM is about information security management and also requires 3 years of experience in this area, plus 5 years in total within the information security.

I do not work in these areas (my main expertise is in security engineering and applied cryptography), so the obvious choice was ...

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Starting a Blog - 23/3/2017

I am starting this blog on 23 March 2017. I will be trying my best to post at least one article a month to keep it alive. You will be able to find articles about security/applied cryptography research, conferences, traveling, and overall life of a researcher at a university.

Since I do not want any dynamic elements on this website, I will be generating a static blog with a simple Python script, taking a plain text from a file, together with a picture, and generating an HTML page. I will restrict number of articles to 5 per page. The article length will also be restricted in a way that only a ...

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